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 The coastguard official・・・Gregorio de Falco, commander of Livorno port authority・・・who has become an overnight star in Italy after lambasting a cruise liner captain for abandoning his grounded ship is refusing to take on the mantle of national hero, claiming he just did his job.・・・
 De Falco has an action man side, riding his 1,000cc Suzuki motorbike around nearby Chianti and Garfagnana in Tuscany in his free time.
 But he revealed to Italian newspaper La Repubblica that he cried after learning that passengers had drowned when they attempted to swim ashore from the stranded Costa Concordia. “I sometimes cry and I don’t think that is a weakness,” he said. “Humanity is not a weakness.”
 ・・・ Writing in Corriere della Sera, the critic Aldo Grasso called the transcript “the document that most exemplifies the two souls of Italy”.
 On the one hand, a “captain who flees from his responsibilities as a man and an officer”; on the other, a compatriot “who understands immediately the dimensions of the tragedy and tries to call the coward to [fulfil] his obligations”・・・
 Like Captain Schettino, the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi delayed taking vital decisions as his country floated progressively closer to a reef marked “eurozone debt crisis”.
 For Massimo Gramellini of La Stampa, “The ship lying on its side [is a] symbol of the country adrift.” On the very day the Costa Concordia hit the rocks, the world’s biggest ratings agency, Standard & Poor’s, again downgraded Italy’s creditworthiness, this time to a level below that accorded to Slovakia and Slovenia.
 ”We had just come out of the tunnel of Bunga Bunga,” noted Caterina Soffici in a blog for the website of the left-leaning Il Fatto Quotidiano. “We were just drawing that little, relieved breath that would enable us to toil again up the hill to international credibility. But [now] … We’ve gone straight into the Titanic nightmare [and] Italy is once again the laughing stocking of foreign newspapers.”
 Cristiano Gatti, writing in the newspaper of the Berlusconi family, Il Giornale, agreed the world would take delight in an image of “the same old rascally Italians: those unreliable cowards who turn and run in war and flee like rabbits from the ship, even if they are in command”. But, he added, the world should also reflect that, at the other end of the line in that shocking, middle-of-the-night conversation, was “an individual of that same, odd and vilified race … a man and officer able single-handedly to save [his country’s] pride and dignity”.・・・
 Many Italians do their best to live up to the examples of men such as Columbus and Garibaldi. Roberto Bosio, an off-duty captain travelling on the liner, stayed behind to man the bridge after it was abandoned. Two other Italian officers remained aboard until the end to try to bring order to the chaos of the evacuation. And among the names on the list of the missing is that of Giuseppe Girolamo, the long-haired drummer in the on-board band, Dee Dee Smith. Witnesses said he had a place in one of the lifeboats, but gave it up to a child.
 チャン・イーモウが、映画『金陵十三釵(Flowers of War)』に関してインタビューを受けた記事が出てた。↓
 ・・・Asked why he chose to film “Flowers”–based on a novel by Yan Geling–when so many films had already been made about the Japanese occupation of Nanjing, Mr. Zhang said it was because good stories have become difficult to find in China. “Good writers have all been signed away by the big companies,” he said, citing the rapid growth and industrialization of Chinese film. “You find a novel you think is good and before you’ve finished reading it, someone tells you it’s already been bought.”・・・
 ・・・where the U.S. basketball league has ridden Mr. Yao to commercial success in China, he said, Hollywood studios were likely to find the country a difficult place to operate. “It’s delicate, the politics here are complicated,” he said. “I don’t know whether they can succeed. You have to look a decade, two decades down the road. It’s not the sort of thing that’s going to happen in the next five years.”
 The end of the first trimester(三ヵ月期) appears to be the period when alcohol can wreak the most havoc on fetal development, causing physical deformities as well as behavioral and cognitive symptoms,・・・
 So even women who may not be planning to become pregnant should be aware of the risks of alcohol on developing fetuses.・・・