Personal Record・(under construction)

Name: Nobumasa Ohta

Present Job: Commentator

Date of birth: 17 February 1949

Place of birth: Mie Prefecture, Japan

Nationality: Japanese

Education & Others:

Entered kyohoku Primary School, Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, 1955

Admitted to Manor House School, Cairo, Egypt, 1956

Switched to Gezira Preparatory School, Cairo, Egypt, 1956

Admitted to Nagatacho Primary School, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, 1959

Graduated from the above, 1961

Graduated from Kojimachi Secondary School, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, 1964

Graduated from Hibiya High School, Tokyo, 1967

Entered Arts Category 1 Course, Tokyo University

Passed 1st Rank Government Employee Examination (in Law), 1970

Bachelor of Law, Faculty of Law, Tokyo University, 1971

MBA, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, 1976

MA in Political Science, Stanford University, 1976

Finished the One Year Course, Royal College of Defence Studies, U.K., 1988

Assignment within the Japan Defense Agency:

Defense Planning Division, Defense Policy Bureau, April 72-June 74

Graduate Student of Stanford University, July 74-June 76 (Sent by the Japanese Government.)

1st Personnel Division, Personnel & Education Bureau, July 76-Nov.78

Defense Planning Division, Defense Policy Bureau, Dec.78-Jan.82 (Chief, Administration & Policy Section, July 81-Jan.82 (In charge of Japan's basic defense policy and Japan-U.S. Joint Operation Plan.))

Chief, Defense White Paper Drafting Office, Administration Division, Defense Minister's Secretariat, Jan.82-Aug.82 (Drafted Defense White Paper 1982.)

Deputy Director, 2nd Operations Division, Defense Policy Bureau, Sep.82- June 84

Deputy Director, Training Division, Education & Training Bureau (No change from above in substance. The Name of the above organization changed.), July 84- June 85

Deputy Director, Accounting Division, Finance Bureau, July 85-May 87 (Drafted FY 1986 and FY 1987 Defense Budget.)

Director, Systems Analysis Office, Defense Build-up Programming Division, Defense Policy Bureau, Jan.87-Dec.87

Member of the Royal College of Defence Studies, U.K., Jan.88-Dec.88 (Sent by the Japan Defense Agency.)

Director, Labor Fiscal Management Division, Labor Department, Defense Facilities Administration Agency (DFAA), April 89-June 90 (In charge of managing US Forces Japan bases' Japanese employees. DFAA belongs to Japan Defense Agency.)

Director, 2nd Personnel Division, Personnel Bureau, July 90-June 93 (In charge of personnel management system of NCOs and enlisted men, as well as recruitment and re-placement of uniformed personnel at large.)

Director, Education Division, Education and Training Bureau, June 93-June 94 (In charge of coordinating the activities of the three Divisions of the Bureau (Education, Training and Medical Affairs))

Director, Administrative Department, National Defense Academy, July 94-June 96

Chief Facilities Coordination Officer, DFAA, July 96-June 97 (In charge of coordination with USFJ concerning facilities and operational affairs.)

Administrative Inspector, Defense Facilities Administration Agency, July 97-June98

Defense Councilor (in charge of Personnel & Education Bureau, Administrative Computer=・Network System, Defense White Paper, etc.), July98-July99

Sendai Defense Facilities Administration Bureau, August99-March01 (resigned voluntarily)

Other Assignments and Engagements:

Assistant Representative of the Japanese Government for the United Nations (U.N.) Conference on the Law of the Sea, 81

Governmental Expert Appointed by U.N. Secretary General for the U.N. Conference on Confidence Building Measures, 80-81

Member of the Experts' Forum on Global Environment of the 80s, Nomura Research Institute, 81-82

Member of the Advisory Group to the Japan Young Executives' Association,・82-83

Member, The International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, 87-09

Run as a candidate for the All Japan constituency, House of Councilors (Upper House) election from the Democratic Party of Japan, held in July 02, and lost.

Overseas Experience

Formal Visits


1980=== Switzerland(twice), U.S.A.(twice)

1981=== U.S.A.(twice), Switzerland(twice)

1984=== U.S.A.

1987-1988・United Kingdom, FRG, Berlin(East), Italy, Belgium, Norway, India, Pakistan

1991=== United Kingdom, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, United Arab Emirates

1995=== Korea, China

1996=== Singapore, Philippines

Semi-Formal Visits

1976=== United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, FRG, Berlin(West), Sweden, India (Paid by the Japanese Government)

2002.5== China (Paid by a research institute. Met high ranking people concerning Japan-China relations)

2003.2== Same as the above

Private Visits

1956-1959・Egypt (visited Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Austria, FRG, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Jordan, Thailand, Hongkong)

1975=== Mexico, Canada

1988=== France, Spain, Greece, Berlin(East), Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway

2002=== Switzerland

Main Publications:

The Development of Management Control---Centering upon the Management Control at the DOD---, in 'Gijutsu to Keizai(Technology and Economy)', Dec. 1977 issue, Kyoikusha

The Japanese Style Economic System---New Balance between Intervention and Free Competition, in 'Industrial Society and Japanese People', June 1980, Chikuma Shobo (Co-written with Yatsuhiro Nakagawa. Translated to English and distributed worldwide by Foreign Press Center Japan in 1981.)

The Nonsense of Comprehensive Security Concept, in 'Ekonomisuto(Economist)', Sep. 23 1980 issue, Mainichi Shinbunsha (Written under a pseudonym, Seiichi Ishigaki.)

Defensive Defense is also Unconstitutional, in 'Shokun', April 1981 issue, Bungeishunjusha (Written under the above pseudonym, and co-written with Yatsuhiro Nakagawa)

Comprehensive Study on Confidence-building Measures, 1982, New York, United Nations (Co-written with 15 other governmental experts.)

Japan's National Defense Controversies--- full of Ghost Images---, in 'Komon Sensu (Common Sense)'July 1984 issue, Kyoikusha (Written under a pseudonym, Association to Consider the National Defense of the 21st Century.)

Boshuutan (Recruiting Tales), Essays written for the Japan Defense Agency affiliated weekly newspaper 'Asagumo'1990-93 for 74 times (Written under the initial SI)

On the Images of Self Defense Forces Personnel, in 'Securitarian (Japan Defense Agency Public Relations Magazine)' January 1995 issue

A Little Known Prophet, Macmurray (1881-1960), in 'Bo-eigaku Kenkyu (Defense Studies)' October 1996 issue

On Japan Defense White Paper 1999―Recollection and Perspective, in ‘Bo-eigaku Kenkyu, May 2000 issue

Goodbye Japan Defense Agency---worrying about the negativism which brought about the distrust of the US Forces, in ‘Sentaku (Choice)’ June 2001 issue

『防衛庁再生宣言』(Japan Defense Agency Renovation Declaration) Nihonhyoronsha June 2001

Deficiencies of the ’Contingency Laws’ which do not prepare for the imminent crises, in ‘Sentaku’ March 2002 issue

Past and Present of the Japanese Defense Forces―As a Starting Point for a New Ideal, in ‘Report of Researches’, Think-Net Center 21 (A Think Tank affiliated with the Democratic Party of Japan), No.11 25August 2002 issue

Self-Defense Forces in Agony---Concerning the Dispatch of MSDF to the Indian Ocean, in ‘Discussion Journal ‘Minshu (Democracy)’, Democratic Party of Japan, No.2 Autumn2002 issue

Questioning the Basis of ‘Egoistic’ Aids after WWⅡ on the Occasion of Iraq Reconstruction, in 'Ekonomisuto(Economist)', Jul..17 2003 issue, Mainichi Shinbunsha

Resolve the Northern Territory Issue by Regaining Two Islands, in ‘Sekaishuho’ Feb.1 2005 issue, Feb. 1 issue, Jijitsushinsha

『実名告発 防衛省』 Kinnyobi October 2008
『属国の防衛革命』 Kojinsha October 2008 (With Nisohachi Hyodo)