北京 「ハローキティ」テーマのレストラン
 創価大「周桜」鑑桜会 周恩来・元総理を偲ぶ
 ・・・(このたび英国人殺害容疑で逮捕された)Gu Kailai<(谷開来。1959年~)
>・・・(党中央から追放されたばかりの)Bo Xilai<(薄熙来。1949年~)
‘s>・・・second wife・・・studied law and international politics at Peking University, where Bo had previously studied world history and journalism.・・・
  ・・・their son studied at Papplewick, a prep school in Ascot; Harrow and then Oxford University from 2000. ・・・
 George Zimmerman to face second-degree murder charge・・・
 Trayvon, who was returning to the home of his father’s girlfriend with a soft drink and some sweets. ・・・
 The parents of Trayvon Martin, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, hold hands as they watch coverage of special prosecutor Angela Corey’s announcement in Sanford, Flordia that George Zimmerman is to be charged. ・・・
 Sudan has said that it will mobilise its army against South Sudan after the latter’s soldiers seized control of Sudan’s biggest oilfield, near the town of Heglig, on Tuesday, raising the prospect of outright war between the two states.・・・
 In July 2009, the permanent court of arbitration redefined the boundaries between north and south, placing the Heglig oilfield in Sudan, but did not specify oil sharing. Based on this, Sudan announced it would not share any of the oil revenue with South Sudan, since Heglig was a part of the north. South Sudan, however, refused to accept the decision saying arbitration court was appointed specifically for the disputed region of Abyei not Heglig.
 水晶の夜事件(Kristallnacht) :1938年11月9日夜から10日未明にかけてドイツの各地で発生した反ユダヤ主義暴動。ナチ政権による「官製暴動」の疑惑も指摘されている)
 This riveting book prints a collection of 21 eyewitness accounts by German Jews of the terrible night of 9 November 1938, when, on the orders of Adolf Hitler and his propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, bands of stormtroopers all over Germany and Austria burned down more than 1,000 synagogues and smashed up some 7,500 Jewish-owned shops. The shards of shop windows that littered the streets on the morning of 10 November led Berliners, with typically bitter humour, to dub the events of the previous hours the “Reich Night of Broken Glass”, satirically imitating such Nazi events as the “Reich Day of Labour”.・・・
 Hartshorne’s anti-Nazi convictions aroused the hostility of the US military government’s Counter-Intelligence Corps, the CIC<=米陸軍防諜部隊 (Counter Intelligence Corps)>, which was smuggling Nazi war criminals out of Soviet-occupied Austria and eastern Europe to Italy and thence South America, to be questioned about their knowledge of the Soviets for use in the looming cold war. Informed of these activities, Hartshorne was outraged and passed on information about this “ratline” to Moscow. He had become a serious inconvenience to the CIC. On 28 August 1946, on the Munich-to-Erlangen autobahn, his car was overtaken by a Jeep, which suddenly slowed down in front of him, forcing him to overtake it in turn. As he passed, a single shot was fired from the jeep, hitting him in the head. He died two days later. The murderer was never identified.
 ・・・ In 2010, the World Economic Forum designated Sweden as the most gender-equal country in the world.
 But for many Swedes, gender equality is not enough. Many are pushing for the Nordic nation to be not simply gender-equal but gender-neutral. ・・・
 Activists are lobbying for parents to be able to choose any name for their children (there are currently just 170 legally recognized unisex names in Sweden). The idea is that names should not be at all tied to gender, so it would be acceptable for parents to, say, name a girl Jack or a boy Lisa. A Swedish children’s clothes company has removed the “boys” and “girls” sections in its stores, and the idea of dressing children in a gender-neutral manner has been widely discussed on parenting blogs. ・・・
 The Swedish Bowling Association has announced plans to merge male and female bowling tournaments in order to make the sport gender-neutral. Social Democrat politicians have proposed installing gender-neutral restrooms so that members of the public will not be compelled to categorize themselves as either ladies or gents. Several preschools have banished references to pupils’ genders, instead referring to children by their first names or as “buddies.”・・・
 Just days after International Women’s Day a new pronoun, hen (pronounced like the bird in English), was added to the online version of the country’s National Encyclopedia. The entry defines hen as a “proposed gender-neutral personal pronoun instead of he [han in Swedish] and she [hon].”・・・
 ・・・take care of the small things and the big things will take care of themselves.・・・
  ・・・a habit has three components: a cue, a routine and a reward. Over time, the routine becomes so habitual that the person anticipates the reward and receives almost as much pleasure from the anticipation as from the reward itself — a phenomenon known as craving. ・・・